April & May status update

28 May 2022  Issa Nimaga  1 min read.

April & May - status update

April and May were quite eventful and very busy for me. Work itself has been very busy as I recently joined an exciting new project and finding my bearings. Nevertheless, below are some of the things that have been keeping me busy outside of work.

Launching Finest Remit

In my last blog post, I mentioned I was working on a remittance fee comparison app that compared exchange rates across different money transfer services. I officially launched the app in april and it is currently available for download on both ios and android devices (via their respective stores). Although pleased with the current product so far, I still have a couple of features planned that I would be releasing in the coming week. This includes a “transfer simulation” mode that will allow people to compute value received for amount X. I have also massively re-factored the backend code for it to handle scaling as I expand my offering to include more remittance services and more countries. Things have been going well so far. If you are an expat or know someone living abroad who regularly sends money home, then please consider checking the app at FinestRemit.App

Redesigned and rebuilt the Fabudable website

I have now completed the course I was following on modern web development. With my newfound knowledge, I redesigned and rebuilt the Fabudable website from scratch using a different Stack. Next JS and Tailwind CSS make for a killer combo 🔥 and with this new stack now also under my tool belt, the possibilities of what I can build have grown exponentially. I am also building the service website of a friend’s offering using this stack, and it has been another great opportunity to flex that muscle.

Aside from the above two, I have also been working on a couple of other things that should see the light of the day some time soon. Until then, keep your eyes peeled. 👀