An interactive Tableau Dashboard built for STL Partners

07 Jun 2020    1 min read.


This project/portfolio entry is about an interactive Tableau Dashboard I built for STL Partners during my time with the company as an IT Analyst. The dashboard was published to Tableau Public and auto-updates daily from a google sheets database. The viz/tool mapped out the position of the different companies across the edge ecosystem as well as various offerings they had in these spaces. The latest news regarding the companies were also fetched via an api and displayed alongside the company data.

Click here to view the dashboard

Technologies used during this project

  • Microsoft Azure: (An azure account is required in order to use Bing News API. One of the features of the dashboard)
  • Google service account: (A bot with read and write access to the google sheet database)
  • Python and Python hosting service “”
  • Google sheets

Overview of the news data update process