Financial Calculator

01 Jul 2017    1 min read.

Overview / Description

This is a financial calculator written in java for use through a Graphical User Interface (previously for use in CMD) . It garners some formulae for calculations used in the financial world and taught at Lancaster Universityy Management School (LUMS). This Calculator was entirely developed without the help of an IDE as a challenge to myself and to improve my understanding of core java concepts.

Current functionalities

  • Simple Arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Single Cash Flow Calculations
    • Present Value, Future Value, Rate and Time
  • Annuity Calculations
    • Present Value of Annuity, Future Value of Annuity and Cash Flows
  • Rate Calculations
    • APR and EAR

Other info

Functionalities yet to be added

  • Bond Calculation

Project last Updated

  • July 2017

Download and Use

To use this calculator, download the package at the following link. Extract the files, and run “Launcher”. You can also run it via CMD. NB: You need a working installation of Java on your machine for this to work.

Video Demo

A video demo of the current functionalities of the calculator (Video slightly outdated).